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Decriminalise LGBTIQ consentual sex for the Gay community in Zimbabwe.

The people and the LGBT community of Zimbabwe should have the freedom of choice to love any person of their choice.We petition to question laws in the Constitution to do with homosexual laws that criminalise same sex consensual intercourse and gay relationships.

I believe in justice for all, be it females,males,lgbtiq people or any members who belong to a particular social group or status,religion,race etc. I dream of a time when all of humanity is free from persecution, judgment or any form of inhumane treatment because they are different.

The use of authoritarian legislation to discriminate, persecute and marginalise the minority class of human beings particularly in aspects of MSM,LGBTIQ,and LGBTIQ parenting is wholly unconstitutional. I stand for equality and I want to make Pride and Queer a norm!Together we can make Pride a norm ⚢ and eliminate brutality and anti-semitism within our communities.

I call to you all people of Zimbabwe, Activists and all other individuals of the free world to petition with me and free all the voiceless queer members facing the atrocities of the Zimbabwean Constitution and legislation body.

'We,the marginalised LGBT community of Zimbabwe seek the repeal and replacement of homosexual laws!'

SODOMY LAW Until the Sodomy Law was passed in 2006 under the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, colonial-era laws were used to punish sexual activity between two persons of the same sex. After 2006, the law was extended to criminalize two people of the same-sex holding hands, hugging and kissing, terming such “indecent acts” as sexual crimes. The specific clauses in the Act read: 1. Any male person who, with the consent of another male person, knowingly performs with that other person anal sexual intercourse, or any act involving physical contact other than anal sexual intercourse that would be regarded by a reasonable person to be an indecent act, shall be guilty of sodomy and liable to a fine up to or exceeding level fourteen or imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both. 2. Subject to subsection (3), both parties to the performance of an act referred to in subsection (1) may be charged with and convicted of sodomy.

Why is this important?

It will free the gay and lesbian community of Zimbabwe to attain 'freedom of choice and to love' the person of their choice without any fear from judgment and persecution.

Transgender people are at particular risk; easy targets for the policing of appearance, with limited recourse to justice.

This petition is a voice to the voiceless, an ear to the deaf and an eye to the blind.

You and me can transform and change the brutality of the legislation to the queer people in Zimbabwe.